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Welcome to Hottentots-Holland High School

“Life is not about the number of times you take a breath.
Life is about the number of times your breath is taken away.”

At Hottentots-Holland High School, “The School with the Heart”, we endeavour to ensure that it is the journey of life that counts. To this effect we offer a holistic educational experience catering for mind, body and spirit.

To accomplish this, we strive for the following:

– To see beyond where we look
– To listen beyond what we hear
– To be gentle in looks
– To be respectful in manners
– To be true to our words
– To ask when in doubt
– To think of the consequences when in anger
– To think of justice and fairness when accepting an advantage.
(Confucius 551 – 479 BC)

Hottentots-Holland is a school at the cutting edge of learner development, curriculum delivery and transformational skills achievement. Our team of teachers is skilled, experienced and passionate about teaching and learning and committed to learner involvement.

The school thus offers a wide choice of subjects, a diverse selection of cultural activities as well as many different sports activities to encourage learners to participate fully in any field of education.

Our ideal for every learner is to maximise his/her potential and, in so doing, be guided to spiritual maturity. We stand for the effective implementation and innovation of teaching principles and methods so that an academic climate with the best possible opportunities ensures the highest level of performance from learners and staff members. We also try to maintain a fine balance between the curricular and co-curricular programme to provide for the various requirements of our learners. The academic staff has the necessary professional freedom to ensure this ideal. Every opportunity is used to establish an effective and streamlined administration to create the highest possible rate of productivity.

The progress and happiness of our learners is ensured by exemplary behaviour, which is expected of them. They are required to obey our school rules and prepare themselves well for their daily lessons. Learners are reminded to show a receptive attitude towards their educators. In this way a healthy interaction between learner and educator is created.

From our parents, we ask for wholehearted and loyal co-operation and support. As parents and educators, we must work together to educate our children to be successful adults.

At HHH we do more:

– than just exist – we live
– than just touch – we feel for one another
– than just look – we see the other person’s point of view
– than just hear – we listen to what people are saying
– than just speech – we say something meaningful
– and we do it with all our HEART!

Life can be as thin and flat as paper, or as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. You have the choice.