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Welcome to Hottentots-Holland High School

It is my privilege to welcome you to Hottentots-Holland High School, also known as the “School with the heart.”  This simple phrase captures the essence of our business at this institution, where the interaction between all stakeholders is characterized by care and mutual respect, and where the team of dedicated members of staff always go the extra mile for our learners.


When I took up the position as Principal in January 2011, I had the vision to establish the school as a centre of excellence by 2015.  The year 2015 has come and gone, and reflecting on the past six years I can categorically state that we indeed moved mountains towards becoming a force to be reckoned with.  The following are only some of the factors that contributed in this regard:

  • Over the past years the average pass percentage of our grade 12 learners participating in the National Senior Certificate Examinations has increased, and is just under a 100%. The class of 2016 reached the highest percentage, i.e. 99.6% – we were just one learner short of a 100% pass. In addition we also received the Premier’s Award for the school with the best improvement in English Home Language in the Province during 2016!
  • When the school underwent whole-school evaluation in September 2012, the team reported that they gave us of the highest scores awarded to any institution that was evaluated at that time. Implementing the recommendations resulting from this evaluation added further value to the institution.
  • We are blessed with men and women on the staff who are well-qualified and experienced to teach their specific subjects with passion and authority.
  • The school has a well-developed code of conduct for learners. The number of disciplinary cases referred to the School Governing Body has declined over the years. At both Management and Governance levels a zero-tolerance approach towards unacceptable behaviour has been adopted. Our code of conduct has been used by the Western Cape Education Department as an example to others schools who were struggling with the development of their policy document.
  • There is stability within the school, as well as at Management and Governance levels. This stability is supported by school policies and procedures that are in place, as well as by clear roles and responsibilities allocated to people for the execution of their duties.
  • The school’s activities are guided by our annual school improvement plan. The outcomes of a thorough school self-evaluation, together with priorities listed in our strategic plan and other documents, form the basis for our strife towards continuous improvement in all areas of the school’s existence.
  • Capacity-building of members of staff, school governors, learner leaders and parents form a core component of our approach towards excellence as we firmly believe that equipping our stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and skills will add value to the lives of everybody directly involved in the school.


Dit is inderdaad ‘n eer en voorreg om hierdie uitsonderlike instelling te lei en te bestuur.  Ons is dankbaar vir pragtige verhale van sukses en deurbrake in ons kinders se lewens.  Dit bly altyd ‘n plesier om te sien hoedat hulle uitstyg om hul drome te bewaarheid.  Terwyl ons hulle aan die een kant vlerke gee om hoog te vlieg, streef ons ook daarna om hulle in hul geloofswaarhede en in die ses waardes van die skool te anker.  Sodoende glo ons sal hulle, soos baie van hul voorgangers, mense van invloed in die samelewing word en ‘n bydrae tot die vooruitgang van die mensdom maak.